Trained as a musician, with a degree in jazz bass performance from William Patterson University, he began his career as a visual artist several years later during his time as a working musician in NYC.

Although his process is influenced a great deal by his musical background, he is only able to work in silence, stating, “The sound and rhythm of the pen moving across the paper is an integral part of my work… the aural aspect of my process is essential to the results on the page.”

North Carolina
Gabe Fonorow

Gabe Fonorow is a self-taught artist who describes his monochromatic work as a study of systems, processes, repetition, and endurance. He begins each of his charcoal-and-ink artworks much like a piece of music, giving them a set of rules or a central concept that are subject to change with the emergence of unpredictable elements.

His first exhibition was in 2014 as part of a group show at Fireproof Gallery in Brooklyn. Soon afterward, he moved to Greensboro, North Carolina, and fully immersed himself in his visual art practice.

Fonorow has since been featured in shows at top galleries in North Carolina including the Greenhill Center for North Carolina Art, the Sawtooth School for Visual Art, the Artery Gallery, and the Greensboro Center for Visual Artists.

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